Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Beauty of Barn Wood

I grew up riding horses and have probably always felt most at home at a barn. I love everything about it...the smell ( yes even the manure)...the animals...it is something indescribable...just incredible. I took a pretty long hiatus from riding but it has and will always be in my heart. I started riding again several months ago...yay...I feel at home again. But, even when I was not riding, I still wanted that barn feel in our home...meets modern day, of course.

So,  after researching barn wood in California, I came across Vintage Timberworks in Temecula, CA.

And, so I drove there and I was in love. The most rustic barn wood you can imagine and it was perfect. Barn wood flooring, mantles, shelving. corbels, etc.

The first time I went there is pretty straight forward as I knew I needed a certain amount of barn wood flooring. I ordered it but then I got a little nervous. It is so authentic...meaning it comes from any random barn in Middle America. I wanted more brown and gray woods but they could not guarantee it. I was so scared of the reds. If I looked at reddish flooring every day...I would not have been very happy. Then , I started second guessing myself. After all, this was a huge investment. And this is the one that I was adamant about. It was all or nothing. And I could not be happier. I am in love. The best decision ever.

This is right after the install...

And one of the best things...nothing shows up... Dirt...Animal hair...nothing except a few scratches because the kiddos are crazy on their scooters. It almost always looks clean. The only negative is the kiddos have gotten a few splinters.  Our flooring guy came back, though, and sanded down some of the rough areas and we have been splinter free for quite some time.  Also, one of our subs said that his kiddos did get some splinters from brand new wood flooring.  I had not heard that before but it kind of made me feel better. I thought I was subjecting my kiddos to pain because I wanted a certain look!!

 I highly recommend barn wood flooring and also the best flooring installer in San Diego, Matt Farner or Farner Hardwood Flooring.  He did an incredible job!!


And pretty durable except for when your cute puppy decides to eat it...agh!! If you look closely...you can see a big chunk missing.

But, how can I be mad at this face!! And, the beauty of this wood, is that it does not stand out all that much:)

And, I kept going back to Vintage Timberworks...for mantles and shelving and wall coverings.

 A couple other ways we utilized the barn wood. We ( let me rephrase I) am pretty obsessed with it.

For the fireplace in the office (gray wood)

The powder room sink shelf

 Shelving in the family room

 Mantle in the family room

The door that serves as access to the AC unit..it was not pretty..so I thought it would be better to make it stand out...there was no way to hide it and it would have been too costly to move all of the equipment.

Backsplash in the kitchen

 I am a farm girl at heart so I guess it is only natural...I feel right at home:)


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guest Room Progress

Our Guest Room...
This is probably my favorite room in our house.  It has a high beamed ceiling.  And the lighting and the views are pretty amazing!! We would have loved to have made this our master bedroom but it was just not possible.  First of all, it is not connected to the house.  This could be a problem having a 3 and 6 year old.  Additionally, the closet and bathroom are not quite large enough.  But, on the bright side, hopefully, we will have some happy guests:)
It was not always so appealing though.  When we looked at the house (see pic below) there were clothes strewn everywhere (underwear included), the carpet was badly stained, the curtains were pretty bad (along with the ornate furniture), etc..., hopefully you get my drift.., this house needed some lovin.
Here it is cleaned up..so you can at least see the potential...view...ceiling...nice features.

Wohoo...now everything was out of there...it was time to get to work.

We (well not us but the painters) painted the room creamy by Sherwin Williams. I was looking at inexpensive choices for wood because anything would have been better than what was in there.  But then my flooring guy (the best flooring guy ever!!) showed me a sample of some wider plank floors he could replicate at $11/psf installed and I am in love with them. They are gorgeous!!
So, that is pretty much it...white walls and pretty wood floors.  A game changer, for sure!!  And, then most of the furniture we already had so I am just trying to make it work and be cohesive.  The only thing I ordered was the headboard from Ballard Designs.  While I have been happy with their products in the past, this time the linen seems a little cheap.  So, I draped this black throw on it and down the road am thinking about upholstering it in a black linen.

Also, this lantern.  While I love it..it is just too big for this space and it is off centered so it looks weird.  And, there is really not a way to improve this scenario because of the window layout and beamed ceiling. So, I am going to save it for another project and simply install a simple and modern fan like the one 2 pictures down.
Not like this one. This is a before of the little pool house/exercise room.

This is the fan I am talking about and this will hopefully be our exercise room soon.
And, one more angle. I still need to accessorize these book shelves.  I am thinking a lot of books and magazines.  I need to hide the holes.  This was used as a TV console in our last house and though it would always be a tv console therefore we did not  save the wood cut outs:(

We still need a rug, bed skirt, maybe some different linens, and woven shades. But, at least we are making baby steps.  After all life is not a race, right? And, somebody could technically stay here right now, yes?
And, a shot of the guest bath room that is coming along, too.




Tuesday, August 5, 2014

This bar is open for business (well kind of)!

I wanted to show you some before and after photos of our bonus room adult "play" area.

The before...There was a bar here previously but it had the same orangey cabinets (like the kitchen), granite countertops, stained glass, etc. The countertop also did not have a hangover so it was not a true bar.  And, there was this random door right next to the bar. So, even if you had people sitting at the bar (which would be hard), you would have to be constantly moving the chairs to let people go outside (hmm...not sure about that planning??).

So, what did we do?  We painted the cabinets white (duh!-SW Creamy) and took off the cabinet doors. We painted the room a dark slate gray. We removed that small door and added a slider where a window had previously been.

We added barn wood flooring
And soapstone countertops with a Native Trails Copper sink

Something happened to the little fridge during construction so it will probably be replaced.  And we still need blinds and to finish decorating this room but at least the bar is open for business and we can hang out and watch movies!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Window Coverings and Drapes

I do admire photos of rooms that do not have window coverings.  I think they can look cool, clean and simple. I also think that window coverings are a lot like jewelry...they complete a look.  With that being said, not every outfit needs jewelry but a heck of a lot of them do. Most of the rooms in our house do need window coverings and, I believe, will take the design to the next level (and are also needed for obvious reasons such as privacy and sun protection). We are also moving slowly because that was a little something I did not budget enough for.  And, whoa, you can pretty much buy a new car by the time you put blinds and draperies throughout an entire house!!

I have been waiting (and waiting) for our dining room drapes for months.  The fabric was on back order, the rod was custom, blah, blah but they were so worth the wait!!  I think this room need a little jewelry.  Like a big ole beautiful necklace to complete the look. Here is our dining room now.

I have to show you a way before...as in before we got our hands on it for kicks.  Yes, this had drapes but not the kind I was thinking of!!

This is what it looked like until yesterday with no drapes

Another room in our house that needed a little something on the windows was the kitchen. Now, this room did not technically need window coverings.  It does get some sun so they are useful for that.  Here is a progress photo...

And, here is a now.  With woven shades from Home Depot.  I think this is like a cool brown bracelet with an all black outfit.

One room in our house that we will not do window coverings in is in the family room.  It has a pocket door and a sliding door.  I think the doors and the wood give it enough substance and the overhang prevents this room from getting too hot or bright.

I would love to hear your thoughts on window treatments...yay or nay??

xo, Paige

Monday, July 21, 2014

New Series- What I would do if this was my "fixer upper"

What I would do if this was my fixer upper-The Modern Cape Cod

I am a little (ok  a lot) obsessed with browsing real estate listings, looking at homes, and imagining what I would do to make these homes functional, livable, and stylish. So, I thought it would be fun (at least for me) to take you on tours of these various houses that I find interesting and that have so much potential and do design/mood boards for them. After all, they just need some loving and some style!!  I truly believe almost every house has potential!!

So, I just returned home from visiting family in Virginia.  It is a pretty magical place...especially in the summer.  Summer in Virginia typically consists of lots of boating (boat rides, cocktail rides, tubing, jumping off the boat, taking the boat to lunch or dinner...you get my drift, right)?), swimming in the pool, fishing, bike rides, horseback riding and lots of family time and southern hospitality. I just love it!

So, I broached the subject with my hubbie...would he ever move to VA?  First, he looked at me as if I was crazy and then that was followed by a flat "no."  OK, then...I do not think I will ever win this one. He is after all a San Diego boy who has never experienced a "season" and thinks 65 and cloudy/light sprinkle is torture. So, in the mean time, I was browsing real estate listings in VA and at the very least, a girl can dream, right?

This house was built in the 50's and obviously needs some lovin!! The most important asset...this view and location. It sits on this beautiful inlet, has a dock, amazing views and a sun room (OMG!!).  SOLD!!  SO, obviously we will not be moving to VA anytime soon.  But I am humoring myself and, if truth be told, I think I have an addiction to remodeling.

So, today I am going to show you the exterior, the view, and the family room.

Before photos....

The view does not need anything, of course. How amazing, would this be to look at every morning.

The pool, we could give this a little make-over

With a flagstone patio and trex decking
And, some wicker outdoor furniture like this.
The exterior...now this where it starts getting a little "needy", as in maybe needs some charm, character and style.

I think a deep gray is just what the house needs with white windows and flower boxes. Maybe, a couple of steel windows and a door mixed in (my fav!!)

Copper lighting against the gray would be stunning.

Cape Cod garage doors

White/cream stone stacked all the way up the chimney

I love this dark gray/almost black house with the white windows and of course the snow:) A good source of inspiration!!
White roses and hydrangeas and ivy for landscaping...
Now, on to the living room

This is how I would design the space if I was the client:)
Old barn wood plank flooring would go through the entire house minus the bedrooms and baths.

The majority of the house would be painted a creamy white.

Also, this room would get a healthy dose of hand hewn beams across the ceiling.  Maybe 5 across.

Rustic stone and mantle for the fireplace.

Built like this shape and as a focal point
Woven shades

And, natural linen drapes (below...Kathleen Clements Design)

And the built in's that you can see in the below photo will be painted. 

 This is the Mood Board for the living room-  A gorgeous and very comfortable Verellen sofa  paired with the upholstered antique african textile ottoman.  A mixture of old wood pieces with worn-in leather, beautiful textiles, and velvet. The built-ins are painted an indigo, the floor lamp is rattan, the sisal is paired with a moroccan rug, and bronze/brass lighting for the built-ins.

 I will be back soon with the kitchen, dining, bedrooms and bonus room. Do you think this fixer has potential?? I would love to hear your thoughts about what you would do to beautify this baby!!